Crail is a high-performance distributed data store designed for fast sharing of ephemeral data in distributed data processing workloads

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Crail is designed from ground up for modern high-performance networking and storage hardware (RDMA, NVMe, NVMf, etc.). It leverages user-level I/O to access hardware directly from the application context, providing bare-metal I/O performance to analytics workloads. For example, Crail achieves data access at rates close to the 100Gb/s network limit with latencies below 10 us.

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Crail offers a unified storage namespace over a heterogeneous set of storage resources distributed in a cluster, such as DRAM, non-volatile memory (NVM), Flash or GPU memory. Depending on the storage policy, data sets may be stored on a particular storage technology or even a specific storage device, or be distributed across multiple devices and storage technologies.

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Crail provides a modular architecture where new network and storage technologies can be integrated in the form of pluggable modules. Crail further exports various application interfaces including File System (FS), Key-Value (KV) and Streaming, and integrates seamlessly with the Apache ecosystem, such as Apache Spark, Apache Parquet, Apache Arrow, etc.

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